Professional PC Diagnostic tools
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Quality & Reliability, Assurance & Validation
Ultra-X Manufacturer Solutions brings core-level system verification, complete peripheral testing, unattended Burn-In/Aging, and system inventory capabilities for Quality Assurance and quick diagnosis of hardware issues.

Ultra-X manufacturer solutions assures the quality and reliability of your PCs, components and subassemblies during manufacturing. From incoming inspection to final QA testing, Ultra-X streamlines your manufacturing process with a comprehensive set of hardware and software diagnostic tools designed specifically for the rigorous demands of a PC manufacturing environment.

Flexible range of Diagnostic Technologies:

  • Embedded
  • Self-Boot
  • DOS
  • Windows 32 & 64bit
  • Windows Pre-Installation Environment  

Key Benefits:

  • Minimize “No Trouble Found” (NTF) RMAs
  • Reduce Support & Warranty Costs
  • Confirm Functional & Reliable Hardware Components
  • Reduce Burn-In Sessions w/Multithreaded Simultaneous Testing of Components & Devices
  • Ensure System Stability for Higher level of User Confidence
  • Single Deployment Solution for Desktops/Notebooks/Servers
  • Complete System/Peripheral Burn-In & Quality Audits
  • Customized & Branded to specified Requirements
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