Professional PC Diagnostic tools
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Prototype & Pre-Production Validation
PC’s are not only being equipped with increasingly fast processors and large amounts of RAM, but there are often complex system hardware and software configurations that can make it even more difficult to determine if a problem is truly a hardware failure, or if it is caused by hardware or software conflicts, or by a combination of both. The use of Ultra-X diagnostic and validation tools for development, aid system designers who require validation of prototype & pre-production system hardware during OEM development.

Ultra-X diagnostic & validation tools assess new prototype hardware through a rigorous testing process to insure the reliability, integrity and compatibility of its design. With systems having minuscule differences in hardware, issues may arise such as software applications to malfunction. Quickly determine if major system functions perform in a manner that conforms to industry standards or isolate intermittent failures that do not necessarily prevent a system from booting, but surface during extended testing sessions.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Acceptance Testing
  • Platform Design Validation Testing 
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Durability & Reliability Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Behavioural Testing
  • Environmental 4-corner System Testing
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