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WinStress Test Professional

Windows-based Diagnostic & Stability Exerciser
WinStress Test Professional (W.S.T. PRO) is a comprehensive Windows-based diagnostic and stability exerciser for all stages of the PC lifecycle. Designed to rigorously test and confirm reliability of core hardware components in a Windows environment. WinStress Test Professional helps reduce your product returns, NTF (No-Trouble Found) and unnecessary On-Site Engineer Deployment. WinStress Test Professional also provides meticulous System Inventory & Configuration Information, perfect solution for evaluating systems.

Stress Testing & Diagnostics
Using advanced simulation means, you can stress test the overall performance and stability of a computer under normal and abnormal excessive loads to ensure that core hardware components in a Windows environment will perform at speeds your customers expect.

Stress tests are designed to find the failure limits of a computer by simultaneously exercising all major components of the system including: Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Storage Drives, Removable Drives (Floppy/Zip/CD/DVD/USB/Firewire/CompactFlash/etc..) Network Adapters, Sound Card, Video Graphics Card, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, LPT & COM Ports and printers. Stress Tests can be configured to run loops, so every time a test completes it restarts automatically. This continues until the test is manually stopped or until the system crashes, whichever comes first.

With Ultra-X’s extensive experience of 20 years in producing high quality PC hardware and software diagnostic tools, W.S.T. Pro brings a much needed Windows based utility to computer manufacturers and service professionals for evaluating systems, performing uncompromising burn-in, or performing diagnostic & stress testing.

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