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QuickTech for Windows

QuickTech for Windows (QTWIN) provides technicians with the confidence that PC’s are reliably tested, validated and burned-in during a new system build, service or hardware upgrade. QuickTech Windows confirms reliability and stability of PC hardware in a Windows environment when chipset and peripheral drivers are initialized. QuickTech for Windows complements QuickTech PRO, performing Windows-based testing for a complete comprehensive Burn-In solution.

During development, Ultra-X consulted directly with current QuickTech PRO users from a wide variety of industries, gathering feedback on a variety of new test processes and creating a comprehensive Windows-based diagnostic solution while maintaining a very user-friendly experience. The end result is QuickTech for Windows - an easy-to-use, complete diagnostic and multithreaded burn-in boasting speed, accuracy and simplicity; An ideal solution for system burn-In / aging process.

Why Windows-based Testing?
Windows based testing is an excellent complement to QuickTech PRO's O/S-FREE testing. QuickTech PRO will validate and burn-in hardware in a OS FREE & driverless environment. Once you have validated the hardware with QTPRO then you load Windows and test in a real user environment to test and check for:

• Overall stability with chipset and GPU initialized
• Overall reliabilty with chipset and peripheral drivers loaded
• Hardware faults or issues during heavy multi-threaded Burn-In
• Memory and Memory Page File issues with Windows API

In what type of scenario should I use QuickTech for Windows?
• Use QTWIN as a multi-threaded burn-in for new system builds before shipping
• Use QTWIN to burn-in & verify good hardware after installing new hardware(upgrade)
• Use QTWIN to detect hardware issues including those that are associated with poorly designed drivers

Designed for:
• Home Theater, Desktop, Mobile PC and Server Computer Manufacturers
• Government IT
• Educational Institutions
• Corporate IT departments
• PC Service & Repair Shops

• Minimize Service Turnaround Time
• Minimize unneccessary RMA returns due to NTF/NDF (No Trouble/Defect Found)
• Immediate Return on Investment Savings
• Improve Customer Satisfaction & Confidence 

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"QuickTech PRO enhances Corvalent QA process to ensure consistent high quality and reliability standards our customer expect."

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