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QuickTech Professional

QuickTech Professional, Ultra-X's professional-level PC diagnostic software program, is designed to meet the rigorous testing needs of system developers and integrators, OEM's, technicians, MIS professionals, and end users who want to quickly and accurately test and troubleshoot core system components, functions and peripherals.

Troubleshooting systems can take hours without the right test tools and trial and error methods such as swapping components doesn’t guarantee that the problem has been resolved and won’t reoccur. QuickTech PRO solves this problem by quickly & accurately isolating hardware issues. QuickTech PRO will put a system through the most vigorous diagnostics available, performing complete testing on: Motherboard, Processor(s), Memory, Storage Drives, Video Graphics Card, Peripherals and I/O Devices.

QuickTech Pro is designed to operate in two modes. In Self-Boot(SB) mode, the software uses direct hardware access commands to perform true low-level diagnostics on core components in a O/S-Free environment. If your testing requires an Operating System, simply boot to a DOS prompt and launch the software.

QuickTech Pro comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions whether you’re testing Desktops, Laptops, or Server PC’s. The Diagnostic Software suite includes: one 25 pin parallel, one 25 pin serial, and two 9 pin serial loop back plugs, Network Loopback, Audio Loopback, UX Test CD & DVD ROMs, bootable QuickTech PRO diskette & CDROM, QuickTech PRO Tutorial CDROM and "Technician Certified" Labels all packaged in a professional navy blue carrying case.

Core-level diagnostics, complete peripheral testing, Burn-In/Aging and system inventory capabilities make QuickTech PRO the best, precise and sole diagnostic software solution for OEM and service professionals.

Designed for:
• Home Theater, Desktop, Mobile PC and Server Computer Manufacturers
• Government IT
• Educational Institutions
• Corporate IT departments
• PC Service & Repair Shops

Benefit Highlights
• Save Time Troubleshooting = NO MORE SWAPPING !
• Minimize unneccessary RMA returns due to NTF/NDF (No Trouble/Defect Found) Issues
• Reduce Support & Warranty Costs
• Improve Customer Satisfaction & Confidence

Feature Highlights
• Self-Booting O/S Free Environment
• Complete Core & Peripheral Hardware Testing
• Complete System Information & Printed Test Results
• Up-to-date diagnostics for latest hardware technology

Customizable Burn-In/Aging Function (Multi-User / Test Station Licence only)

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" Incredibly versatile software tool for serious PC hardware trouble shooting and burn-in. UXD's Quick Tech Pro is about the most comprehensive software system testing tool I've used. I can burn in and certify a total system or debug the smallest part; the ability to test CD ROMs and DVDs is very handy, allowing me to quickly weed out junk drives."

"If you're looking for a good suite of diagnostic tools for your PC, then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the QuickTech-PRO. Not only does it provide system details and diagnostics but also burn-in tests and benchmarks as well."

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