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QuickTech for Intel-Apple computers

QuickTech IA is the first and only operating system independent software diagnostic for Apple hardware. This self-booting CDROM auto-detects hardware in the system and then performs a ~10 minute diagnostic assessment. Ideal for detecting high failure components such as Memory and Hard Drives.

Utilizing computer assembly commands, QuickTech IA performs low-level testing in a Operating System independent environment. No DOS, Linux or Windows to interfere - providing unmatched accurate test results.

  • SKU: QT3R-IA
  • Self- Booting / Operating System Free
  • Bootable CDROM
  • Automated Testing - Boot & Walk Away
  • First & Only OS-Independent Diagnostic for Apple Computers
  • Supports Intel-based Apple Computers
  • Includes a two (2) year usage license with support for the duration of term.

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