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QuickTech Pro USB

Assuring quality, stability and reliability of newly built, serviced or upgraded PCs are primary concerns for any System Builder, PC Refirbisher and Service Technician. QuickTech PRO USB offers the most accurate and reliable results available enhancing both efficiency and confidence.

A significant advantage over traditional legacy tools and exclusive to Ultra-X, the QuickTech PRO utilizes low-level assembly commands to communicate and access hardware directly; No DOS, DOS-derivative, Linux or Windows. Proprietary test routines perform behavioral specific testing to identify faulty hardware sensitive to system idiosyncrasy.

Quick & Simple Implementation
QuickTech easily implements into any existing Desktop, Mobile PC, POS or High-End Server manufacturing line, RMA department or service tech bench.

No More Swapping
Troubleshooting systems can take hours without the right test tools and trial and error methods such as swapping components doesn’t guarantee that the problem has been resolved and won’t reoccur. Computer Service technicians waste time with trial and error swapping methods. QuickTech PRO solves this problem by quickly & accurately isolating hardware issues.

Complete Test coverage
QuickTech PRO USB will put a system through the most vigorous diagnostics available, performing complete testing on: Motherboard, Processor(s), Memory, Storage Drives, Video Graphics Card, Peripherals and I/O Devices.

Immidiate ROI savings
QuickTech asures the quality and reliability of your PCs components and subassemblies during manufacturing. Minimize unneccessary RMA returns due to software and NTF/NDF (No Trouble / Defect Found) issues. Reduces support and warranty costs while improving user satisfaction and confidence.

Robust System Testing
Utilizing native assembly commands to directly access hardware, QuickTech low-level diagnostics are able to perform heavy multi-threaded test loads on system hardware. This results in shorter test session time, allowing the service technician to become highly effecient.

QuickTech Pro USB comes complete with everything you'll need to run all tests and functions whether you’re testing Desktops, Laptops, or Server PC’s. The Diagnostic suite includes: one 25 pin parallel, one 25 pin serial, and one 9 pin serial loop back plugs, Network Loopback, Audio Loopback, UX Test CD & DVD ROMs, bootable QuickTech PRO USB stick and all packaged in a professional navy blue carrying case.

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"We wasted money on other diagnostics before and learned about marketing gimmicks the hard way. Ultra-X offers quality products and support... highly recommended!"

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