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QuickCAST Mobile

QuickCAST Mobile is a fully independent dedicated mini-server designed to assist in the deployent of Ultra-X tools in a pre-operating system (Pre-O/S) diagnostic environment. Deployment time is complete within a matter of seconds allowing for simultaneous deployments (multicasting) to hundreds of machines. With QuickCAST Mobile in your company’s hands, servicing any PC Desktop, Laptop, Netbook or Server becomes effortless.

QuickCAST simplifies and automates the Diagnostic Assessment & Burn-In process by removing all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency while ensuring you get the answers you need to fix the issue right, the first time.

Complete test coverage
Deployment of diagnostics in a pre-operating system environment allows for true low level hardware testing. Diagnostics are performed directly on the hardware component, without the interference of the OS drivers that may hide potential problems. QuickCAST Mobile places systems through the most vigorous diagnostics available, performing complete testing on: Motherboard, Processor(s), Memory, Storage Drives, Video Graphics Card, Peripherals and I/O Devices.

Remote Test Monitoring & Test Log Retrieval
With QuickCAST Mobile a single technician can boot serval test systems concurrently. Best yet, the Technician can remotely monitor test status on all systems and test result logs are available to download and print, offering a complete test report for each system. Quick and Simple implementation QuickCAST Mobile easily implements into any existing Desktop, Mobile PC, POS or High-End Server manufacturing line or service repair department. QuickCAST Mobile is a self-contained turnkey network deployment solution that you can have up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Test More and Test Faster with Ease
QuickCAST Mobile is an easy to use, all-in-one package that allows anyone to start automating tests in minutes with no special technical skills. It has a affordable price, powerful features and impressive support resources. With QuickCAST Mobile, you'll test more, test faster and lower costs at the same time.

Low total costs of Ownership
The biggest surprice about QuickCAST Mobile is the price. Other automated testing tools expect you have expensive Server hardware, Server OS software and for that matter an expensive IT administrator to setup and manage. QuickCAST respects your budget as the price is significantly lower than other automated testing tools.

Single Deployment Solution for ANY x86 PC Platform*
Whether you build new systems, maintain corporate systems, refurbish or repair customer systems, QuickCAST Mobile is the single solution for any Server, Desktop, Notebook or Embedded PC. Eliminate the need for various boot media such as Floppies, CDROMs, or USBs. Majority of all PC's shipped since 2000 have the Network Boot capability. 

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* Requires PXE Network Boot BIOS option

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"We used to go to each test bench, manually runing burn-in test scripts. What used to take hours & serveral technicians now requires just a few click of the mouse. Now that's what I call saving time and money!"

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