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P.H.D. PCI 2

P.H.D. PCI2 is an advanced diagnostic card that is used by service technicians and engineers to perform sophisticated testing on PCI bus systems with Intel AMD and VIA processors.

No More Swapping
Troubleshooting systems can be a time consuming and tedious process without the right test equipment and trial and error methods such as swapping components doesn’t guarantee that the problem has been resolved and won’t reoccur. P.H.D. PCI2 solves this problem by quickly & accurately isolating hardware issues. Troubleshooting a computer that refuses to boot or show any display is no longer a problem when using PHD PCI 2.

Not a POST Card
Unlike P.O.S.T. cards that merely display POST error codes, P.H.D. PCI2 is an actual diagnostic card that performs a series of dynamic diagnostics to verify proper operation of system components. P.H.D. PCI2 is a single power-packed diagnostic tool integrating Flash firmware, memory, video and other circuitry to enable the card to boot and test seemingly "dead" motherboards. PHD PCI2 is capable of running complete diagnostics on a PCI compliant system even if memory, BIOS, keyboard, external boot devices(i.e. Floppy, CDROM or Hard Drive) and video graphics card are dead or absent.

Complete Assessment in 5 Minutes
Simply insert the PHD PCI2 into any Intel compatible x86 motherboard and turn power on. Within the first few seconds a technician can determine a stuck Reset line, bad power supply, or defective/incompatible memory. Within 5 minutes PHD PCI2 will provide a complete system assessment on screen pinpointing defective hardware components. With the flick of 1 switch, PHD PCI2 will perform complete extended diagnostic testing on both core and peripheral hardware. PHD PCI2 will quickly detect errors in minutes NOT hours.

Build/Ship with Confidence
No longer will PC manufacturers of all sizes and applications, have to be concerned about defective or DOA(Dead On Arrival) computers. Implementing P.H.D. PCI2 into current QA production and manufacturing lines will dramatically reduce NTF/NDF(No Trouble/Defect Found) RMAs and service calls. System Builders can quickly Burn-In/Age systems using P.H.D. PCI’s automated and unattended Burn-In function assuring quality and reliability of PC components.

Proven Technology
P.H.D. PCI2 loads from an onboard FLASH ROM and does not require any external booting devices or operating system. An operating system free environment eliminates any conflicts or interference from drivers, TSR’s and other items from the software layer that may occur during testing and provides a clean environment for precise and accurate testing. With industry-proven and proprietary technology, P.H.D. PCI2 is the single solution for any System Designer, Manufacturer, or Service and Repair shop.

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"P.H.D. PCI’s reliability, accuracy and ease of use pursuaded us to include it as a major componnent of our validation test procedures."

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