Professional PC Diagnostic tools
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Hardware Diagnostics

QuickCAST Mobile
With QuickCAST Mobile in your company’s hands, servicing any PC Desktop, Laptop, Netbook or Server becomes effortless. QuickCAST simplifies and automates the Diagnostic Assessment & Burn-In process by removing all manual intervention maximizing productivity & efficiency while ensuring you get the answers you need to fix the issue right, the first time.
QuickTech Pro USB
QuickTech Professional USB, Ultra-X's professional-level PC diagnostic tool, is designed to meet the rigorous testing needs of system developers and integrators, OEM's, technicians, MIS professionals, and end users who want to quickly and accurately test and troubleshoot core system components, functions and peripherals.
P.H.D. PCI 2
Troubleshooting systems can be a time consuming and tedious process without the right test equipment and trial and error methods such as swapping components doesn’t guarantee that the problem has been resolved and won’t reoccur. P.H.D. PCI2 solves this problem by quickly & accurately isolating hardware issues.
P.H.D. MiniPCIe
P.H.D. Mini PCIe allows you to perform component/circuit level diagnostics on a system and view testing progress and results on the system's monitor. Utilizing direct hardware-to-hardware methods, circuit diagnostics such as: MiniPCIe Bus, processor(s), hard drive controllers, ATAPI device controller, Memory/RAM, Memory controllers, DMA controllers, page registers, keyboard controller, interrupt controllers, timers, CMOS clock, and many other peripheral support chips can be accurately tested.
P.H.D. MiniPCI
P.H.D. MiniPCI is an advanced diagnostics board that can be used by service technicians, system integrators & developers to perform sophisticated diagnostic testing on MiniPCI bus systems with Intel compatible processors.
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