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UltraPOST Embedded Diagnostics

Self-Check Embedded Diagnostics - Device Self-Diagnostics

UltraPOST is a hardware diagnostic utility embedded into the PC’s BIOS. At just 32k of total code, UltraPOST easily embeds in your BIOS and acts similar to a CMOS Setup program. UltraPOST executes comprehensive diagnostic tests to detect major problems with various PC components when system fails to boot. With a simple and easy-to-use GUI(Graphic User Interface), UltraPOST operation is effortless and requires no boot disks. 

UltraPOST was designed using assembly language for compact code size. It is a derivative of the highly successful and accurate QuickTech Technology. UltraPOST is implemented by embedding the 32kb diagnostic code into the system’s BIOS. UltraPOST support most major BIOS manufacturers, such as Award, and is customized to fit in the BIOS without modifying or requiring the BIOS source code.  

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