Professional PC Diagnostic tools
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Line of Business

Manufacturer / System builder

As a manufacturer, you value quality. Nevertheless, time plays an important role in the production process and it is often difficult to carry out reliable checks on functionality and stability within the time available. Ultra-X helps you to computerize this process, and enables you to guarantee the required quality on time. Apart from solutions for the production process, Ultra-X also supplies products and solutions for other processes, such as RMA, research and development, helpdesk, after-sales and departments working in the field.

Ultra-X offers solutions and products for the automatic testing, trying-out, and validation of, as well as problem location in:

  • Desktop computers (PC)
  • Laptop / Tablet PCs
  • Server / Embedded systems / Industrial PC / POS / IA
  • Just motherboard
  • Just memory
  • Just hard disks
  • Flash memory such as: MP3 / MP4 / USB stick / SD memory and suchlike
  • Digital applications, such as PDA and navigation systems


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