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Course & training

Although the Ultra-X PC diagnostic equipment guarantees simplicity of operation, Ultra-X offers its customers an opportunity to follow a course in how to apply Ultra-X solutions. This half-day course teaches the user how to operate and most effectively utilize the diagnostic products. The course consists of 3 parts, and begins with the introduction of the Ultra-X products. Subsequently, participants are introduced to the basic functionality and architecture of a computer: this is necessary in order to interpret test results correctly. Following a short break, the course continues with an explication of how to apply the products in practice. An explanation is given of how to make an effective Burn-In script, and which options are possible in this respect. After the course has ended, there is naturally time for questions, while enjoying drink and snacks.

With the purchase of an Ultra-X solution for a production environment comes the opportunity of offering training sessions to your personnel. During these training sessions, we teach them how to use the Ultra-X solutions effectively, which saves time and improves quality. These custom-made training sessions are set up in collaboration with the head of department, allowing for variance in length and layout.

We would be glad to provide you with more information about the various possibilities.

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