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Consultancy & Deployment

Carefree implementation is the start of a long-lasting and successful collaboration.

The successful implementation of one of Ultra-X’s high-quality solutions means more than just the supplying of the hardware or software for diagnostic products. It implies the beginning of a solution which will contribute over a long period of time to the success of your activities. The experienced specialists of the Ultra-X implementation team are responsible for the placing, installation, adjustment and made-to-measure supplying of the complete solutions. Thus you can be sure that the solutions will integrate rapidly in your current system, and the team ensures that production continues, or is held up as little as possible. Furthermore, an Ultra-X consultant collaborates closely with you, in order to map out your specific wishes and requirements, and to ensure that you obtain your objectives.

The implementation can be divided into 3 essential steps:

Together with your project team, an Ultra-X consultant and engineer will map out the application area, the objectives and the specific wishes and requirements. Then we will work out the solution in an easy-reference project plan, and set up the planning for the integration of the solution.
Before placement of the solution, we check that everything is fully functional. An important part of this is the extensive testing of all functions and checking whether the solution is ready for placement. This prevents the occurrence of unexpected problems during placement.

During placement, the complete solution is installed. If required, we can also provide training sessions and / or instructions for your production personnel.

This service accelerates the implementation, and minimizes costs and any possible risks. As your production environment is only minimally affected during implementation, you will experience the added value of this service within the foreseeable future.

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