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Product pricing

At Ultra-X, we don't sell standard products. In fact, most solutions are based on the specific requirements to the individual company. Our philosophy of selling is to assist the customer to make an educated decision.  Unlike other companies that focus mainly on marketing gimmicks and pushing product,

Ultra-X Sales Professionals discuss your current testing requirements, problem areas and your ideal testing goals. We suggest a one-on-one with our highly trained sales staff so that they may recommend and guide you to the diagnostic solution that's most beneficial and appropriate for you. This philosophy preserves our reputation as being a premium diagnostic provider and allows us to build quality, long-term relationships.

To help us quote you the most appropriate solution please fill out the contact form or give us a call. You can also request a call me back or contact us via chat.

Why Choose Ultra-X?
When you’re comparing different diagnostic products, look at the attributes that are the most important: Accuracy, Quality, Versatility and Support. From using the highest quality components in our products to incorporating the latest technologies, we are confident that we design diagnostic tools that will exceed your expectations. We are proud to manufacture products that provide unmatched accuracy, but we are equally proud to offer such products that are affordable, versatile, as well as being recognized as the most robust, reliable diagnostics available.

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