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Ultra-X Company information

Ultra-X is the successful technological pioneer in the area of hardware and software diagnostics. We offer the best professional diagnostics solutions for developers, manufacturers, OEM/ODM’s, system engineers, service technicians, integrators and computer professionals.

Ultra-X was founded in 1987 and its head office is in Silicon Valley (US). Over the last decades, Ultra-X has expanded into becoming a strong international organisation with offices in 13 countries. Our strong geographical coverage in America, Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East and Africa allows us to offer all our (inter)national clients the optimal service and support they deserve.

Our success is based on our close cooperation with sector leaders and our tailor-made solutions. We support design technicians with our test equipment, for example, and provide manufacturers with complete burn in solutions in order to guarantee the quality of new systems. We have also provided RMA departments with accurate tracing equipment. Unique software and hardware ensure the systems can continuously be tested, which prevents a lot of problems.

At Ultra-X, we are aware that we live in a world which is changing very quickly. We make sure that our expertise regarding processors, memory, bus structures and peripheral systems, is up to date - and stays up to date. Our objective is to continue to provide our clients with the very best diagnostic solutions. Now, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

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