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Faulty? Not at all!

Computers are the the hands and feet of the Worlds working population. In many ways they are comparable to humans, also in the sense that they suffer from health problems from time to time. They are 'faulty' for the user. Faulty computers are an enormous cost item for organisations. In addition to repair costs, the user also becomes less effective for some time. There are also shipment costs, which add up. In order to reduce these costs somewhat, a government institution with 55,000 PCs has employed the expertise of Ultra-X. Objective: an effective diagnosis, which quickly shows whether something is wrong with a computer, and if so, what is the matter. The very first test already showed that the number of computers which was actually faulty was not high.

Ultra-X devised a solution which allows computers to be tested directly and quickly, on location. A special network box allows every computer to be analysed for defects externally. If a defect is found, a test report is automatically generated which clearly describes the seriousness of the problem. By far the most cases turn out to be problems which can immediately be resolved, such as a simple software setting, or a user fault.

The Ultra-X Quick Detection Tool led to the following results:

  • After testing, only 20% appeared to actually be defective;
  • Therefore, in the previous situation, 80% of computers were shipped and expensively tested, unnecessarily;
  • The client had an unnecessary, and far too large stock of spare computers;
  • Thank to filtering out NDF (No Defect Found) a saving of 80% on logistic costs was achieved;
  • The users are quickly operational again with their computers;
  • Effective and uniform working methods for system administrators and suppliers;
  • Lower repair costs thanks to pre-diagnosis;
  • Central test space has been freed up.

In other words, for this client, the new solution led to enormous savings for staff, logistics and computer costs.

Ready for a new start
Every day, an enormous number of 'outdated' computers are released. A large percentage of those is suitable to be re-used...
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